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June 14, 2009

Special Delivery (08)

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This is a letter I wrote to my husband during my Provincetown residency. The “feeding tube” was a system my husband worked out for feeding our cats while he was away.  He took the dogs with him.–TW

Monday June 23, 2008 (24 Pearl Street, Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown, MA  02657)

5:42 p.m.

It’s been a slow day.  It’s cloudy and feels like the clouds are ready to burst any time.  I got up in the early afternoon but still felt sleepy.  I read a little on the couch, pretended to sleep, then took my shower, made my bed, and went to check the mail.  There waiting for me were your two sweet letters.  I’ve got tears in my eyes because they are so sweet.  Your letters are always the best.  Mine pale in comparison to the amount of love you are able to express in just a few words.  Thank you, baby.

In response to you about your wish that I should live to the fullest here:  I am.  I may not be one for high adventure, but I’m on an adventure of the mind and that takes me to great places.  With $22.00 left I don’t mind eating the pantry food.    

As I was writing last night, I got the idea to make the male character more vivid and strange.  I felt the narrative was lacking in the magic-department and I needed a way to approach the absurd.  It’s still hard for me sometimes to separate the male character from you, because I use so much of you and your experiences.  But I want to make him a little more strange:  well, I know you’re strange, but I mean a different kind of strange.  It didn’t mean starting over; I added a section and then did some touch ups in the sections I’d already done.  The reason for this is because I got to the Pittsburgh section and found I had run out of gas.  It just wasn’t coming out right; the writing was so bland.  I needed a way to energize things.  I had to make the man more weird so he could say things that most people would never say. 

When I checked Facebook today I saw that George Carlin has died.  I really liked him.  Russet and Carlin:  RIP.

 Your dad must be feeling a little desperate if he is talking about taking more treatments.  I don’t think that will happen, do you?  He may have waited too long.  It’s an awful kind of cancer to have, the worst in my opinion.  I pray the rest of our family will be spared. 

You said you are staying until the 6th.  That’s a little more than 2-weeks.  That makes a good visit; did you take the boat? I know he will love having you there.  You brighten the spirits.

How were the kitties doing?  How are them raggedy-arse tinkers?  How did the feeding tube work out?  No further obstructions?  Were the little bastards glad to see you? 

What does your dad think of your hairy-arsed friends?  Have you made them do their tricks?  Was Sweet-Pea nice? 

Normally, I’d end this and get it in the mail, but I think I’ll wait for a sunnier day.  Have fun with T.O.M.


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