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August 30, 2009

Special Delivery (17)

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In this letter to Lauren, I share some of my thoughts on finishing a college degree and moving out into the world.  –TW

August Day, 2009

 My Dear Lauren.

How are you this August day?  I remember my feelings when I finished my college degree.  I had a kind of loneliness because I had always been in school (except for two years when I was first married).  I hardly knew what to do with myself, what to think, how to act.  I sometimes wonder if you feel that, and if you are sad that you and Ryan are separated. 

I hope you are giving plenty of time for creative reflection.  The last three years I have become intensely interested in short forms and especially Haiku.  I have been gathering books on the subject (have just ordered a few more) and I find that practicing writing Haiku helps to keep me connected to my creative life every day.  I think I like Basho best.  Please read “Narrow Road to the Interior” if you have the chance.  Sometimes the title is translated a little differently—just try to find books on Basho.  Issa is also a big favorite of mine.  I also have a book of Haiku written by people just before their death.  These are fascinating. 

I have periods of intense focus and creative bursts and in those times I get good work done.  It takes so much out of me that then I must rest.  I must do something fun—just live—or read something that fills me up again.

It has felt so good to me to return to doing artwork.  I quit for so many years.  I realize that when I took my art classes in college I had no idea what I wanted to do.  There was little that moved me about what I was accomplishing.  But now I feel so excited about my ideas.  It makes me feel so alive and happy.  My new camera will—I hope—be another tool to keep me connected to my creative life.

I know I said I was just going to write you a postcard but the more I thought about writing the card the more I had to say.

You will go through fallow periods and times of great doubt.  Remember that human beings have always created art:  it is natural and right to do so.  And when we don’t, that is when we are not living right…not the other way around.

I love the letter you sent, the illustrations and also the painted print.  The letter reminds me of some of the letters that Van Gogh sent to his brother.  I remember the one in which his heart was so moved by a streetlight that he drew a picture of it so his brother might experience it.

My heart is full of love for you, Lauren.  And I believe in your journey as an artist. 


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