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September 12, 2009

Special Delivery (24)

Filed under: Mailart — Theresa Williams @ 1:04 am

acordion man 001

Microlette:  From Theresa to Lauren.   Approx. 2 1/2  x 5

“Accordian Man.”  Yes, accordian is misspelled and not on purpose. 

The text continues on the back and in full it reads:

Lauren, what I need is me a little man like this to help me make my poems ~ A boy, really, because men can be slightly domineering, a boy with an accordian, thick dark hair and checkered pants and, of course, a tattoo~ the accordian for making lilting tunes with words; thick black hair for vitalty of my thoughts; a tattoo, of course, for erotic power so that my reader may connect with me heart to heart and soul to soul; and checkered pants which are so dependable, after all, to remind me there is a practical side, which is:  Do your research and then send out the poems!  Do you have such a little man?  If so, is he 4 sale?  [Heart] Theresa


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  1. […] I’m looking for good old-fashioned letters, typed or handwritten.  I’m also looking for letters which are hybrid forms, having elements of writing and art, such as the illustrated letter or microlette (tiny letter).  […]

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