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October 11, 2009

Special Delivery(28)

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PS from Lauren

PS from Lauren

 Some letters are piling up here at The Letter Project.  I’ve been trying to decide what to post as a follow-up to Lee Martin’s wonderful letter to Amos.  When I received a letter yesterday from Lauren, I knew I wanted to post part of it.  In the letter she mentions being at the library in Columbus and running across a book she thought I’d like:  More Than Words, by Liza Kirwin, which is a collection of illustrated letters from the Smithsonian.   I plan to buy a copy of this book. 

Although much of Lauren’s letter is private, disclosing feelings about  difficulties she’s going through just now, I was deeply moved by her PS about a dead starling and am pleased to post it here, along with a scanned image of that part of the letter. 

To give some background: some time back I posted a photo on my blog of a dead baby bird.  My blog entries go straight to Facebook and are stored in my Facebook notes.  At Facebook, Lauren commented on the photo, saying how dead baby birds made her sad.  In this PS she describes finding a dead starling, its beauty, and her regret at not having removed it from the street.  She was moved to illustrate her thoughts by making a drawing of a starling.  A personal anecdote to share:  The narrator in my novel The Secret of Hurricanes is named Pearl Starling.  I don’t think Lauren knows this.  But this fact does speak to our alike-ness. 

I love the illustration in Lauren’s letter because it represents, to me, a bubbling over of thought, a further attempt to make one’s inner terrain understood.  I’m proud to be the recipient.

There is such power and potential in a letter for sharing and for making all sorts of connections, not just a connection from one person to another but also within oneself as one writes the letter.–TW


I saw a dead starling in the street on my way home.  It was lying on its side, its body very stiff; must have been hit by a car.  It had its speckled winter plumage. 

I think I identify very strongly with starlings.  I felt really bad about not stopping to move it from the street.

(Perhaps I was a bird in a past life.  Or in the next one–I wouldn’t mind)

not quite right…(drawing from a photo) very stocky birds, with a lot of personality, loud, messy, crotch[e]ty, sort of humorous


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