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August 1, 2010

Special Delivery (57)

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Recently, Lee Janine sent a Facebook message to twelve women she has met online.  I was one of the recipients of the message.  What struck me most about the message was Lee’s comment that if all of these women were in the same room, they could change the world.  We subsequently decided to send some snail mail to each other, to see what magic might happen.  This is Lee’s letter to Shanti Perez.  It’s about life and art and making the world a better place.

Lee Janine:  I’m a teacher and artist, currently living in Colorado.  I’m most inspired by people who are positive, friendly, and creative – despite challenges they experience.  I believe wise people learn patience, flexibility, and how to enjoy simple pleasures in life.  Dreams include becoming a teacher, keeping healthy, and growing old with friends and family around me.  I love life, though I think it takes courage to live.  I’m working on my courage.

Dear Shanti,
I’m very happy to be writing you today, and so happy to have made your acquaintance online!  It’s been inspirational to get glimpses of people’s lives and to share postings and other exchanges. 🙂
This is a wonderfully happy time in my life!  On Oct. 12, I’ll be turning 34 and I finally feel like I’ve learned to relax into life.  In the past I had so much fear, feeling anxious about time and how quickly it passes.  Now, I’m floating along, collecting memories…  I feel a new sense of freedom.
My ultimate goal in life has become finding a way to be a content and cheerful older person.  I think it’s possible to do – I have grandparents that seem to have reached that point in thier lives.  And, if I don’t make it to their ages in my lifetime, I’ll at least have enjoyed myself as much as I could.  (I want to be a good example too.)
I once read that if artists took their creativity and applied it to their lives, the world would be a much better place.  I agree with that philosophy.  It’s sort-of like the old saying, you have to love yourself before you can love anyone else.  I want to create more love in the world, so I have to create love for the world everyday and accept what life is.  I have to give up some control.
Life is a creative challenge, but it’s the most rewarding one to undertake!
(I hope you can read my handwriting OK.) 


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