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August 1, 2010

Special Delivery (58)

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In this introductory letter to Emma Garland, I address how place influences creativity and how change can sometimes feed it.  This is part of the 13 Women Online project, initiated by Lee Janine on Facebook.  Lee sent a message to twelve women proclaiming that if we were in a room together, we could change the world.  Counting Lee, that makes 13 women.  I love the idea that 13 women could effect change. 

To:        Emma Garland

From:   Theresa Williams

Re:        13 Women


Today I opened a FB message from Lee addressed to twelve women in her life that she cherishes.  She said that if the twelve of us (thirteen including Lee) were in the same room that anything would be possible.  And I started wondering what might happen if we could be in the same room, if only a virtual room.  

Trickster is my favorite mythological character.  He (Trickster is usually male) keeps life from getting stale.  He usually stirs up one hell of a mess.  I’ve been through a lot of these Trickster-induced messes, and they are no fun, believe me, but I usually come out on the other side transformed.    

My husband and I recently spent quite a few weeks out West.  We spent most of our time in Santa Fe.  Since returning, I’ve been thinking that my life has sunk into a predictable groove.   I think Lee’s message struck home for me because she spoke of possibility.  Homecoming has been hard.  I keep thinking about the West.  I want to put on my cowboy boots and kick up the dust.  I want to feel alive like I did in Santa Fe.

Everywhere in Santa Fe are images of Our Lady of Guadalupe.  Although I’m not Catholic, I’m drawn to images of her.  It’s not so much that I crave her love and protection but her numinous quality.  She burns with the glory of the sun.  I want to be on fire like that.

That is all for now.

 All Best,

Theresa Williams

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