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August 5, 2010

Special Delivery (59)

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A letter to someone I met on a trip out west.  –TW
August 1st, 2010

Dear Jayme,

Don’t you just love it when high and low tech come together?  I used the computer and printer to put the image on the front of this card, and I’m typing this with and [sic] old Olympia manual typewriter.

The airstream in the picture is where I am right now.   We live on 12-acres, and this trailer is in our field.  I use it as a sanctuary, a place to be fully alone.  Right now, our field is white, filled with Queen Anne’s Lace.  In not too long, the thistle will bloom and the field will be riotous with purples.

Allen and I think of you often.  I enjoy your Facebook posts; they do keep me close to the Western sensibility.  Thanks for that.  Thanks, too, for acknowledging some of my [Facebook] notes, the poems and the haiku.  It has taken me a long time to find a writing regime that keeps me connecfted to my writing life on a daily basis.  I was never good at keeping a diary, but the haiku and haibun are right for me.  I am trying to write at least 100 haiku a year.  That’s really not very impressive.  I was reading last night that people in haiku clubs in Japan write that many in one weekend gathering.

I haven’t yet worn my Mother Mary belt buckle.  It has been so stinking hot here that it isn’t any fun to dress up.  Plus the air conditioner went out on our truck, making the situation all the worse.  Autumns here are cool and crisp, so I plan to wear it then.

Have you found a way yet to put your life story into words?

Do you like where you live?  Do you sometimes find it hard to stay creative?  There was a time with [sic] both Allen and I did a lot of art.  I still do a few things, but not nearly as much as I’d like.  Allen was very inspired in Santa Fe and talked of returning to woodwork.  But it can be hard to hold onto inspiration when your home seems dreary in comparison to places you have been.

Last year, we took the big Western adventure.  It was my first time out West, so we did it all, Glacier and Yellowstone and Arches; we went all the way to the Pacific and back.  At Yellowstone, our last big stop, I wrote this haiku:

three blackbirds

ride its back:  bison

grazing on the hill

Strangely, I seem to write more haiku at home than on trips.  YOu’d think it would be the other way around, but I’m more active when we travel and here, at home, I think I use the haiku to keep me admusted to my situation in life.  In other words, it is a kind of salvation.  Out West, very often, I feel like I’m already saved.  These are things I’m just now starting to figure out.

I know you are busy, but try to write to us sometime.




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