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July 2, 2011

Special Delivery (78)

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Melanie Tokar replies to Suzy Anderson’s letter, telling about an adventure of her own.  –TW

Dear Suzy,

Hello! I apologize for not replying to your letter – yesterday I was stuck at work and in the evening I finished reading “Living Dead in Dallas” by Charlaine Harris. I have the day off today, and I much prefer writing letters on days when my body, mind, and spirit are all at ease. I believe the written word carries the author’s energy to the person receiving the letter, so I always make sure I’m in a positive state of mind whenever I sit down to compose one. 🙂

speaking of letters, thank you very much for the one you wrote to me last week. I feel honored that you’ve shared such a personal (and integral) part of your childhood with me! I can greatly relate to what you’d said about not being able to find adventure within the boundaries of reality. After living with a controlling mother for nearly 28 years, it wasn’t til I reached the age of 24 (when I started at BGSU, actually) when I started to allow myself to go on my own adventures, withotu worrying about when I should be home, or what I should be doing elsewhere. Heh, didn’t you discuss this 6-letter curse word in your letter? I just now realized this…

Anyway, I’m proud of you for venturing through that rain storm! I love to stand in a downpour for several seconds – there is something renewing about summer rain that is pure magick (fantasy in reality – a fine example right there!).

I went on my own little adventure this past Monday, on a complete whim. I visited the Bridal Veil Falls park, an area surrounded by trees and where the famous Tinker’s Creek drops into a canyon and flows through the middle of Valley View. I believe Alice would have LOVED this place. 🙂 My dad brought me here all the time as a kid, and whenever I come here I feel his presence, and can almost hear his voice (something I haven’t actually heard in 5 years) tell me that all is right with the world.

And of course, I believe him – he’s my dad. 🙂

Well chica, dinner is ready so I must set the table and summon my mom in from the garden. 😉 I’ll read the story you emailed me after dinner…and also send you an electronic copy of my story “Thunder Struck” as well. Good luck on your job hunt! I greatly look frorward to hearing from you again. 🙂

Love, Melanie

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