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July 16, 2011

Special Delivery (101)

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It’s always a pleasure to get a handwritten letter from my pal, Jim Lampe.  –TW


After several weeks of sitting around, staring at this large stack of stationary, I have finally found a few things worth mentioning in a letter.

But first, the essentials.

How are you?

Anything new to speak of in the Creative Writing Dept.?  Not that any of your coursework needs revision; I always found your instruction the most thoughtful!

…wondering if you haven’t yet reverted to any old-age methods–shackles and chains–as I would more likely have to do with any unfortunate students of mine.

I have just finished Murakani’s “Sputnik Sweetheart,” a wonderfully brief novel that astoundingly captures love and loss in two hundred pages.  This is what resonates with me, though.  Murakani mentions that the word “sputnik” literally translates to “companion.”  Yet it is merely a small chunk of metal coasting along the outermost rim of our world.  How tragic is that?

This makes sense for the story, though.  Two lovers, making passes at one another, coming in or out of contact, always looking back.  A great meditation on longing…

On the flip side, I have also been reading “Revenge of the Lawn,” by Brautigan.  Not sure if you have read it, and, more specifically, the short story entitled, “Homage to the San Francisco YMCA.”  It is quite possibly profound.  A wealthy young man replaces the plumbing in his house with poetry…

As for me, I am beginning a short story about a man who travels to Hollywood, South Carolina to appraise an antique pen.  Needless to say, the pen follows him everywhere and nearly ruins his life, or does.

I hope all is well with you, your family, and your infamous cats.



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