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March 7, 2012

Special Delivery (191, 192)

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Two from Suzy Anderson:

From Suzy Anderson to Theresa Williams

From Suzy Anderson to Theresa Williams (inside)

  And a letter from Suzy to her friend, Whitney… 

March 6, 2012

Dear Whitney, 

I would love to set a time to go to the bookstores in Fostoria and Findlay. Actually I haven’t ventured to bookstores outside of Bowling Green yet.

Thanks for putting perfectionism in terms of control and challenges. If I can catch errors in a story, I feel like it’s not perfect yet. I challenge myself to catch as many mistakes as possible whenever I’m working as a copy editor. And sometimes it’s hard to turn this part of my brain off. I read Josh Weil’s story in “Story Quarterly” and was disheartened to find three spelling errors. Regardless I enjoyed the story. My training as a copy editor makes me notice these things; I always wish they could’ve been corrected before going to print. Although I have gotten better about not letting the errors detract from what I’m reading.  

Afghans are treasures! I have yet to make one for myself, but I have a pattern picked out and just need to buy the yarn. I’ve tried making quilts—I’m still working on my first one. I’m glad your Dad has an afghan from your great grandma.

I wish you the best of luck with your new writing project! Currently I’m rewriting Charlotte’s story. It has changed a lot since I worked on it for Lawrence’s novel workshop. In my writing projects I have momentum at the beginning before it starts to fade. One of the pieces of advice I heard at AWP last week was to lower your standards. I’m going to use it for my Charlotte revisions because I was adamant about the journal staying in chronological order. Perhaps if I just write the entries I can worry about dates later.  

I love the musical “Wicked” too and in 2007 I saw it on Broadway when my high school orchestra went to New York City. Since I knew I was going to see it I tried to read “Wicked” and only read half of it before I put it down. It remains one of the few books on my list “never finished reading.” “The Hunger Games” is on my list of books to read.

You’re very welcome for the book. 🙂 Congratulations on getting your poem accepted!Reading a short story a day has been successful off and on. There have been stretches of time where I keep up with it and other times when I don’t get to it. With the books I gained from AWP, I certainly have enough reading material to keep me busy.  

Thank you for saying I’ll be fine after graduation. It means a lot.

My goals for this year are to finish revising/rewriting Charlotte’s story, write several short stories, continue writing poems, get some fiction published, work on reviews for different publications, write some more stories for The BG News, continue blogging, read more, apply to artist residencies, and so on. You have excellent goals, Whitney! 

I started poetry projects that focus on a particular topic. My first one was on bracelets based on the lines “I love you” and “I know” from Star Wars, the second on hands—which expanded to the body—and the current project is fear.

You also have good taste with the book lists.  

MAR is going well. I haven’t been able to attend the class this semester because of my work schedule, but I did write a review for them in the vol. XXXII issue. Classes are going well, just keeping me busy as always. I’m trying to get caught up on homework since it is spring break. We’ll see how it goes.

I love your first attempt at origami. I remember in second grade our teacher had us learn how to make frogs, and I couldn’t do it. I spent hours crying at my desk folding paper over and over again. It wasn’t until high school when one of the free book covers at the library had directions for frogs that I could make it. To this day a frog is the only origami I can do without directions. I hope you enjoy yours. 




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