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March 13, 2012

Special Delivery (210)

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Dear Suzy,

It’s settled, we’ll have to do a small bookstore road trip. Just let know when the best time is because your schedule is more hectic then mine. Just don’t get your hopes up – sometimes the selection can be a little disappointing.

            I think the part of your brain that catches mistakes when you’re reading is a wonderful thing to have. I’m not the greatest at finding grammatical errors and I’m sure my letters are riddled with some I’ve missed. So we’ll just say I’m giving you practice in finding mistakes. I do know what you mean about errors detracting from a story. If the piece is entertaining or moving enough I can usually get through it but if the writing is mediocre and poorly checked I usually have to put it down.

            The advice you got at AWP about lowering your standards is sound advice, the only problem is I think our perfectionism might get in the way. I’m like you, I take the project head on, determined to do it one way. Like you, sometimes I want things in a certain order (like your journal entries) and that controlling part of me rears its ugly head. Whoever gave you the advice is right and so was Lawrence when he said to just get it down on paper. I’m trying it with the short story I’m writing right now. IT’s not in the order I think it will end up in. I don’t even think it’s in the tense it will end up in but I’m getting it on paper. At least I’ll have something tangible to mold.

            I’m glad you love “Wicked” and you’re really lucky to have seen it on Broadway! I love musical sin general. I saw “Wicked” the first time in San Diego and then again in Toledo. It’s coming back to Toledo again in August and I’m hoping to see it yet again. Do you like any other musicals? I try to go whenever I can but the tickets are expensive on my budget. I found out that Findlay has a community theater and is putting on “Titanic” in April. I’m hoping to see it. The first musical I ever got into was “Grease” when I was eight or nine. My dad saw how much I loved it so he got me all the musical movies he could find including his favorite “Jesus Christ Superstar.” I got to see Ted Neeley (who played Jesus in the movie) when he did his farewell tour a few years ago. He could still hit those high notes.

            It’s great that you’re mostly keeping up with the short story a day goal. I don’t think I could find the time and I’m not half as busy as you! Do you have any recommendations of short story collections? I always seem hard-pressed to find good ones.

            I like the idea of your poetry projects. I thought about focusing on one thing and write a poem a day until I couldn’t write about that object anymore. Do you think it helps you write when you focus on one thing like hands? Up until last night I hadn’t written a poem since Larissa’s class. But something came over me and I had to get this one out. I wouldn’t have been able to sleep if I hadn’t. 

            The one thing I have been doing this week is submitting my work like crazy! It has almost become an addiction in itself to see how many I can get out in a day. I’ve mostly sent out poetry but I have a few flash fiction pieces out and a short story. All in all I think I sent out twenty-one pieces. So now I sit back and wait for the rejections J It’s funny whenever I get a new rejection letter I print it out and pin them on a nail (on the wall) beside my bed. Overtop of them I have a plaque like piece of art my sister bought for me in New Orleans by an artist named Varg. It’s a piece of wood and 3”x6” painted red and then painted black around the edges. In the middle is a gold heart with three nails sticking out. I told her it was perfect for my rejection wall. I thought when I first started sending out my work that rejections would really hurt but somehow they don’t. I guess I feel like they’re taking me closer to my goals, if that makes any sense.

            I don’t envy your work load! I never did understand how people went on vacation during spring break. I always seemed to be swamped with homework!

            I love the frog! He sits on my desk and watches me scrapbook J It’s weird you had a bad experience or association with origami as a kid too. When I was in fourth grade they had people come in and test us. Those who scored above a certain percent on the test they gave us were placed in a program call H.E.I.G.H.T.S. I wasn’t chosen only like seven kids were out of the 112 kids. I didn’t resent the kids, most of them were my friends but I resented that they separated us from them. They were taken out of our classes during certain times of the day and were given special learning lesson (what they called them). They were given newer textbooks and things like that. Supposedly it was to help expand their minds. One of the activities they got to do was origami. I suppose that’s why I never had any interest in it until recently. But I do think it’s great you can do the frog from memory! I watched a YouTube video on the crane. I’m not sure if I could do it from pictures. I think I would almost need to see someone folding the paper before I could get it right. Thank goodness for the internet!

            I saw “The Lorax” last week and I recommend it if you enjoy kid’s movies. It was adorable! I have to give Dr. Seuss his credit. I loved his books as a kid and I still do. My favorite was always “Horton Hatches the Egg.” I still know most of it by heart.

            I got Charter’s biography of Kerouac from the library the other day. I’m not sure if I want to read that or On the Road first. I thought that way I went bio, book, bio. What do you think?

            Here’s hoping this letter finds you in good spirits!



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  1. Really enjoyed this letter, the spirit, the love of writing that comes through…

    Comment by Sally Reece — March 13, 2012 @ 8:25 pm | Reply

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