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May 17, 2012

Special Delivery (280)

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Dear Suzy,

 I have to start off by saying what a great reading you had! It feels pretty good to read your work in front of people and you seem to be a natural. I also have to congratulate you on graduating. You are one of the hardest working people I know, so I hope you enjoy every last minute of the ceremony!

            I’m sorry it has taken me so ling to write back. Letter writing seems to be something I cannot force – I have to be in the right mood.

            Thanks for the tip on the San Diego Museum of Art. We’re trying to think of things to do while we’re out there and that is something to look in to. I’m with you though; I’m not a big fan of portraits. There would have to be something spectacular about it or else they all run together. If I go I’ll let you know what my favorite piece was. My favorite painting of all is “Starry Night,” by Van Gogh. I don’t pretend to know a lot about art but I love the boldness of the colors and the thickness of the paint itself. I like landscapes too and abstract. The more colorful the piece, the better it is!

            I ended up not getting to see “Titanic.” I called a few days after the tickets went on sale and they were sold out. It’s good for the Findlay Playhouse, but not that great for me. I know Fremont has “The Secret Garden,” coming up so I’ll get tickets and see that instead. They haven’t put up tickets for “Wicked” yet, which I think comes in August, so I’ll keep my eye on that. By the way, “Hello, Dolly,” is a great musical too.

            How was your copy editing conference in New Orleans? I’ve always heard it’s a great place. Did you find any interesting bookstores or try any new foods?

            Thanks for the offer to borrow books. I might borrow Mikes’ if you don’t mind. I bought Matt’s new book on my nook and I bought Lawrence’s when he had his book reading. I really liked his book. I didn’t think I would get sucked in like I did. It was one of those books I couldn’t put down! I also finished Josh Weil’s The New Valley. My favorite novella was, “Sarverville Remains.” I thought the characterization was great. It’s funny to have had them as teachers and see everything they taught us come alive on the page. Maybe it should be a requirement to read their work before you have them as instructors.

            In you last letter you said most of your short poems don’t need editing. I usually end up the same way. I never really have been able to write long poems. Most of what I want to say comes out directly. Do you have a process that helps you write longer poems? Or am I doomed to stay on the short poem bus?

            Thanks for the prompts! I have The Triggering Town but I haven’t gotten it out since Larissa’s class. Mike’s prompt seems like fun – hard fun.

            Thanks for sharing your poems link on fb. I really enjoyed it! I love short poems with attitude that you can sit there and read over and over.

            My rejection nail has gotten quite plump. I’m on one of those plateaus where responses have stopped. I have work out, it’s just a matter of playing the waiting game now – boy, do I hate that game.

            Handwriting is an interesting thing. It’s weird to think about how much you can tell about a person from their handwriting. I was a teacher’s assistant in high school for my English teacher, Mrs. Sprow. I got to where I knew almost everyone by their handwriting. Over a hundred kids and I rarely had to look at a name. I always wondered what made some people choose print while others write in cursive. I know, I personally print because my cursive looks like an orangutan grabbed a stick and started trying to communicate in the dirt. I write a lot slower that way too, so I’ve mostly stuck with print.

            Sometimes I try to switch up my writing. As an exercise in my writing journal, I write letters to myself as my characters. Sometimes I discover new things that way, things I didn’t know my characters did. One of my characters is left handed when makes for some pretty good chicken scratch on my part!

            I actually have a corkboard in my room too. Your finger painting is proudly displayed there. The frog and magnet are on my desk though. J

            I admire your ability to sell and give your books away. My library just keeps growing. I know I should get rid of some but I can never seem to let go. Every year my living space gets a little smaller from the number of books I bring into it. My obituary will read, suffocated by books.

            I’m glad you liked the tags and quotes. I saw the little tags in the store and for some reason they seemed to be screaming SUZY!

            A dinner party is a great idea and sounds like a lot of fun! I love to cook and eat!

            I wanted to thank you again for Winter’s Tales. That collection was full of great quotes. I’ll give you my top three favorites:

            “Sorrow Acre”

–         “For a moment he felt trapped and imprisoned, as if the dead people of his name, from the family vault at home, were stretching out their parched arms for him.” P. 34

–         “Tragedy is the privilege of man, his highest privilege.” P. 50


“A Consolatory Tale”

–         “Why may we not give up painting and writing, and give the public peace? What good do we do them, in the end? What good, in the end, is art to man? Vanity, vanity, all is vanity.” P. 295

The last one really gets me. It prompted a few writing sessions!

            We seem to have a lot of the same collections: movies, books, colored paper. I usually save anything that I think might look good on a scrapbook page. I also save movie theater stubs and I have a shot glass collection. I also keep magnets and key chains. I’m a big pack rat so that may be considered clutter instead of collections, haha.

            I never really like my signature. My fourth grade teacher had the most beautiful handwriting; I loved how she would write my name. But from all my efforts I have never come close to how she wrote it. Oh well, tis life!

            Congrats again, Suzy! Have a great graduation!!


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