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June 23, 2012

Special Delivery (326)

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Dear Suzy,

        I love the birds you sent! It was great to read a letter on the curve of a wing or the tip of a beak. I’m glad you liked the envelope. “Carpe Diem” always reminds me of “Dead Poet’s Society” too. I watched it for the first time in November. My adolescent psych teacher gave us an assignment. She gave us a list of movies we could choose from and that was one of them. Who would have guessed that the creative writer would pick a movie with poet in the title J.

It’s funny that you talked about headlines in your last letter b/c I watched “The Shipping News” the other day. I don’t know if you’ve seen it but Kevin Spacey’s character had to come up with headlines. He has a hard time at first and I tried it myself, thinking how hard can it be? Answer: Very hard. They’re like miniature poems all in themselves – something to demand someone’s attention. It’s an art form all its own!

            For now the long poem is not my friend. Even repeating lines end up in short quick poems, but for now I’m okay with that. Poetry is something I’ve never been able to force. Deadlines for classes were nice for focusing and putting pen to paper but I don’t think my best work came out of them. Although prompts and revisions were always great. When do you think you produce your best work?

            Thanks for reading my poems. I had one accepted from “Mad Swirl” too. It was one from Larissa’s 3000 level workshop, “Peacock at a Funeral.” It was one of the nonsense poems we had to do (those were so fun and freeing) and I was surprised to see it get published.

            I’m glad you liked the exercise I mentioned in the last letter and of course use it! I hope it helps and even if it doesn’t it fun to do! You’ve given me some great tips before so I’m just glad I could pass one along.

            I know how you feel about becoming a hoarder. (I think I already am one!) I hope I never become like the brothers in Matt Bell’s story. Don’t you wonder how they kept from going stark raving mad all those years? Sometimes I can’t stand the clutter I have and I just start getting rid of it. And from all you book toting, I’ll expect you to be able to lift a car next time I see you!

            Let’s plan for our dinner when I get back Are weekdays or weekends better for you? We’ll have to plan our menu too!

            I’m hoping to see “The Avengers” this week before it leaves the theater. Everyone I’ve talked to says it was amazing. I am a BIG fan of “Firefly” and “Serenity.” I was so angry when FOX canceled the show (along with “John Doe”). If you haven’t seen it, watch Joss Whedon’s “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.” I think you’ll love it. If you need to you can borrow mine J

            The Pompeii exhibit sound fascinating! I’ve heard about them using urine for their laundy b/c of the ammonia. I read once too that they also used it to brighter their teeth. Personally, I’d just stick with yellow teeth.

            I saw “Men  in Black 3.” It was good – a lot better than the second one which was a real disappointment. I swear Josh Brolin could have been Tommy Lee Jones thirty years ago.

            What books have you read since graduating? I just got done with “The God of Small Things,” and “The Virgin Suicides.” Lawrence was always mentioning the former in class. It’s a great read and I can see why he brought it up so often. The only way I can describe it is like a morning glory – you can see it unfolding slowly in front of your eyes, soon it unfolds, coming together, opens up and you know it was worth the wait. I’d also recommend “Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter,” which has the Southern Gothic feel to it.

            I can’t wait for our discussion of Kerouac. He’s an interesting fellow to say the least!

            It’s funny to look back at baby pictures, isn’t it? Was I ever really that tiny person? Do you even wonder what was going through your head at that exact moment? Do you think the person in the picture would be proud of who you are today?


P.S. My copy of “On the Road,” has a giant indent from a coffee cup. Did the person before me use it as a coaster? Do you use books for things other than their intended purpose?

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