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August 26, 2012

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An artsy pdf version of Suzy’s letter can be read by clicking here:  Letter_to_Whitney_Aug_16_2012

16 August 2012

Dear Whitney,

I always love the paper you use for your letters so I created my own design for this one. I haven’t used crayons in forever, so I bought some when they were on sale. Yeah for discounts when it’s time to return to school!

The Batman movie was good—I shed some tears and I love watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt act. I agree that Joker is the scarier villian. I was more surprised at Miranda Tate’s character and what that added to the plot.

I thought of three women walking after I saw the finished finger painting. I love what comes out when I paint and don’t force a vision of my art. So many wonderful surprises!

Watching the Olympics was fun at breaks between work and before I went in. I don’t have cable, but I completely forgot to watch clips on the internet. Building a fort sounds like fun! The Olympics are quite fun for me to watch, esp. the sports I’ve never heard of like canoe sprint, beach volleyball and gymnastics-artistic.

I didn’t know you ran 5k’s! That’s pretty awesome, Whitney! That sounds like a great habit, submitting once a month. Research does take a lot of time, but I find cool pieces and artists/writers I want to keep track of and read/see more of their work. Congratulations on getting “Holy Roller” accepted for publication!

After I finish this novel draft, I want to type it (since I wrote it by hand) and then organize it b/c I wrote it out of order. When I’m more satisfied with that draft, I’ll have close friends (yes, you!) and writing buddies look it over b4 I send it out to agents/editors. I do feel like it’s becoming more complete, esp. since this is round 3. Charlotte’s story makes more sense to me since I’ve tried to tell her story in different ways. Now that I’ve found the form that best displays her story, I know, for me at least, her story is more effective.

His reaction still makes me laugh. Oh, if only I had said “octuplets.” It would’ve been so much fun to say that, esp. after “Octo-Mom.” My mom is an identical twin and multiples run in the family on her side, usu. skipping generations. Who knows, I might have twins someday!

I bought Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road,” the original scroll version and I was wondering if you read it or the edited version.

Robert’s rules were funny and helpful. Some of them don’t work for me like “Rule 1: Burn your Journal” because I’m taking the Artist’s Way course, which requires 3 pgs in a journal daily. I’ve found that it helps me to see and share my life on the pg and work thru my thoughts and emotions. It hasn’t detracted from my writing—on Tuesday I finished a book, read some poems, watched a movie, worked on my blog and Prairie Margins, edited a cover letter, and organized all of my short story ideas into groups (and wrote in my journal). It was a very productive writing/editing day. Now I can really cook along on my short stories and type up poems for my latest poetry project involving motherhood, mother-daughter relationships, and vegetables and fruit. These rules have worked for Robert, but every writer is different.

I have pen pals (Rule 2: Get a Pen Pal)—you, Theresa, and Mary. Rule 3: Throw out your thesaurus has helped me. I don’t even use it in Word when I type. I find other ways to describe things, more in line with what I have to say. Rule 9: Lose the Muse—I work on writing every day, regardless if I’m in the “inspirational” mood or not. Something always comes out that I didn’t expect or plan, which is a good thing. I don’t have to control every aspect. I’ve stopped my habit (which was still in the process of being a habit) of reading a poem and short story every day (Rule 14: Stop Reading) because I had trouble focusing on writing my own poems and short stories. I’ll read when I need to read and write when I need to write. Rule 16: Write what you read. I’ve mostly read fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction, so I should probably focus on writing those instead of literary fiction, which I feel like I’m still in grade school learning-wise. There are a lot of great rules I also adhere to, which besides the humor, is one reason why I loved this book and wanted to share it with you.


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