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September 9, 2012

Special Delivery (385)

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UPDATE:  Unfortunately, I have had to remove the Updike correspondence because Claude has informed me that the lawyer for the Updike estate forbids publication of any Updike correspondence, even on the Internet. 

I received an email recently from Claude Clayton Smith, asking if I’d be interested in posting his correspondence with John Updike. 

I’m thrilled to do so. 

Subsequently, Claude sent copies of his correspondence with Updike to me through the mail, along with a very informative letter.

You can hear a podcast about  Claude Smith’s relationship with John Updike here:  The Drunken Odyssey 

In the podcast, you’ll hear about Claude’s relationship to Updike’s stories and books, as well as his correspondence with Updike.  It’s well worth listening to.

Page 1 of Claude Smith’s correspondence to me regarding his correspondence with John Updike. (addresses removed)

 I was able to find a used copy of the Epistolary issue of Pig Iron at Amazon.  Pig Iron No. 17 is edited by Jim Villani and Naton Leslie and includes work by many writers and artists, including:  Jim Clark, Eve Shelnutt, Larry Smith, Claude Smith, Antler, Laurel Speer, and Barry Whitesell.   Below is an image of the front cover:

Front Cover of Epistolary Issue from Pig Iron Press.

Back Cover of Epistolary Issue from Pig Iron Press


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  1. Hi Mr. Clayton,,
    I am a retired professor who is publishing personal reminiscences of John Updike for the U of Alabama Press. If you are interested in being part of this project please write

    Jack De Bellis, professor emeritus
    PS: at the John Updike Society site you will see that I have a book on Updike coming out in January..

    Comment by Prof. Jack De Bellis — September 10, 2012 @ 2:26 pm | Reply

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