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September 22, 2012

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August 27, 2012

Dear Whitney,

Thank you! Congrats on finishing the first revision of your short story. I would love to read it. Feel free to send it either way, mail or email. Definitely let the story sit for a bit before going back to it. I’m still working on the short story I told you about earlier this summer.

Well, the nice thing about writing my novel by hand was the portability. I could slip the notebook into my purse and write as I waited for new tires to be put on my car. I didn’t write the entire draft in a month, which in November I bet my hand will be in a permanent claw formation. Because it’s in journal entries, I would write 2 or 3 a day, and only one day I wrote 11 entries. Truly inspired that day! Even though I can type 77 words per minute, I find that writing by hand lets me connect with Charlotte because she’s writing by hand. The sketchbook I’m using is 6’’x 6’’, a square orange. The blank pages have let me be free in HOW LARGE I write or very small, or even if I want to draw or sketch, just like Charlotte would. It would be neat when it’s published to be that size and have a font that looks like handwriting. I did figure out how she signs her name:

Charlotte Lynelle Peterson

Which helped me get a further personality sketch. She writes slower to make sure her handwriting is legible and draws out the “t” in Peterson (and I don’t). My hand will probably cramp up from typing the novel! Oh goodness, I can’t wait to hear your reactions to her adventures. Lol.

We had two pairs of identical twins in my school and a pair of fraternal twins (so easy to tell them apart), but I never could get the identical ones straight, even when one of them was in one of my group projects.

My summer reading list definitely overshadowed “On the Road.” I would like to read the same biographies that you read first. Then we could read the novel and check out his letters. I have read his book of haikus and you should check it out because it’s awesome. Lot of cats.

I’ve read “The Kite Runner” in high school. It was one of my favorite books we read that year. Have you ever read “In the Lake of the Woods” by Tim O’Brien? He does a great job with footnotes in the novel. Oh, Othello, thine heart was born so pure, only to crackle into ash. Poor Desdemona. Lol about scribings.

Thank you about my energy astounding you. I was so surprised myself to look back and see that I did so much in one day. One reason I keep a notebook of what I worked on is so that I can visually see how much writing/reading I am doing. Keeps me honest. Yep, what works for one writer isn’t perfectly transferred to another. Plus journaling is part of “The Artist’s Way” where they like the students to write a minimum of 3 pages a day and have an artist date once a week (like an activity to do with your inner child). It’s helping me realize how much I loved art classes in school and how I want to continue making art and writing. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought watercolor paper, scrapbook paper, and pendants to learn how to make necklaces and bracelets. Definitely a dangerous store for me!

It’s great that you can run 5k’s with your Dad. My Dad and I would go for walks around grocery stores so he could exercise and we would have time to talk. So it’s kinda funny that I work in a grocery store now!

It’s amazing how cruel kids can be. I agree that “it’s what we do after the teasing stops that’s important.” Whitney, you became a running machine who does 5k’s and is clearly beautiful. You should see that whenever you look into a mirror. You are a great writer who is published and will only get better. Thank you for the encouragement.

I hope your teacher writes back too. I would like to get in touch with my English teacher Miss Gorsuch. I had her for both AP English lit and language. We had lunch after I finished my freshman year at BG, but I haven’t spoken to her since.

I wish I was relaxing on a beach! A baby-pool filled with sand would be a great idea in the apartment, though from experience I know sand gets everywhere. I’ll settle for bath salts and a mini-vacation in September.

I’m glad the mail lady loved the trampoline and stick figure! It was totally inspired by your last letter. What a character!

Have you ever made anything with duct tape? I’ve been wanting to learn how to make roses and whatnot.


P.S. I’m so glad “Holy Roller” found a home. Such a great poem and memories of Larissa’s class that semester.

P.P.S. I got accepted at Dzanc Books as an editorial intern. Loving the reading assignments so far.

An artsy version of Suzy’s letter can be seen here:  Letter_to_Whitney_Aug_27_2012



  1. Suzy and Whitney, you both amaze and inspire me. Suzy, Congratulations on your editorial internship!

    Comment by sagewriter — September 22, 2012 @ 9:40 pm | Reply

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