The Letter Project

July 23, 2015

About Suzanna

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Hello! My name is Suzanna Anderson, and I will be posting letters to the site.

1.  You must actually write a letter to a real person. The letter must go through the postal system. Save a digital copy of your letter. Send the digital copy to Suzanna Anderson at if Suzanna is not the recipient of the letter.

2.    You can also submit the letter to me at: Suzanna Anderson, PO Box 731, Bowling Green, OH 43402.  Note, however, that I must have a digital copy in order to put your work up at the site.

3.   Include a  short note to me in which you say something about yourself, provide snail mail contact information, and provide your e-mail address.

4.  If I decide to use your letter, you will receive an e-mail from me with comments and further instructions.

5. If you are interested in exchanging letters or creating mail art with me, please use the address: Suzanna Anderson, PO Box 731, Bowling Green, Ohio 43402

6. I’ve added an “About Suzanna” page as an introduction.

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