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January 14, 2012

Special Delivery (169)

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January 10, 2012

Dear Theresa,

In class yesterday you said you believed that if one book could change the world, it would be “The White Hotel” by D. M. Thomas. Like we said later, one book can start a change in the reader. I wrote this poem in response.

 One book can’t change the world.

 One book can start a conversation

with questions. The answers

don’t really mean as much—
as long as the question is asked.

 One book can show lessons,

how to deal with situations,
let the reader live beyond
one life trapped in one body.

 One book can be a friend

in times of trouble, be stained

with coffee and worn from multiple
readings of the story inside.

 One book can tell a story

that lives in the reader,
a story that lives, survives time
and dusty, moldy shelves.

 One book can lead to leaders

going to the big city creating
new books, history, as society
follows their staff of wisdom.

 One book can lead a thirsty

horse to water—some drink
while others gulp like lost
desert travelers finally home safe.

 One book can travel across

time and space before landing
back in the modern world
ready to flow with internet’s tide.

 One book can love the reader’s

gentle fingers turning pages,
quick notes in the margins, post-its
marking favorite passages.

 One book can start an avalanche

of ideas, more books to read,
start the journey of miles
with an open path ready.

 One book can make a difference,

and one book is all it takes
to inspire a generation, share

writer’s dreams in stories. 

One book can be the vehicle

for the story to travel the world.
it will never be the same when
one book is added to libraries.

 One book can change the world.


I’m not sure if you’ve read “Room” by Emma Donoghue, but of the books I’ve read so far, I think the world should read this one. After I read “The White Hotel,” then we’ll see if I still think the same of “Room.” 



July 27, 2011

Special Delivery (114)

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A card from R. J. Ingram from Squaw Valley where he’s studying poetry writing with Bob Hass, Brenda Hillman, Sharon Olds, Cathy Park Hong, and Major Jackson.  Included, one of R. J.’s poems, “The Lemon Picker of Auburn.”  –TW

From R. J. Ingram to Theresa Williams

Special Delivery (112, 113)

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Two recent postcards from Jessica Lewis.  Original prose poems written on the backs.  –TW

From Jessica Lewis to Theresa Williams

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