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July 7, 2014

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A Hallowe'en letter from Suzanna Anderson to Whitney Reinhard

A Hallowe’en letter from Suzanna Anderson to Whitney Reinhard

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Correspondences between Suzy Anderson and Whitney Reinhard




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August 4, 2013

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May 31, 2013

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15 March 2013

Dear Whitney,

The short story I sent you also needs work. I’m still searching for my narrative style. What a great idea to focus on writing one scene @ a time for your story.

At AWP I found a copy of NANO Fiction for you. I also need to read more flash fiction. There was also Nouvella @ AWP & they publish novellas. I’ve read a handful of novellas, but now I’m actually considering to try it myself. One of the panels I attended was on e-books for children, & one of the panelists participates in 12×12, where the goal is to write 12 picture books in a year, one a month. I’m going to check it out. It would be cool to tell stories about music & retell episodes of Don Quixote for kids. At AWP I had the thought to approach the page only w/ the story in mind. The length, & ultimately the form, will come out during the writing. So then I don’t worry about the length. For flash fiction I’m going to use small sheets of paper like this so I can fill the page & that’s my flash. Because flash is shorter, it needs tight9er0 language & some kind of structure or element to tie it together. Most of the flash in NANO Fiction is one paragraph, but it is certainly not limited to one paragraph.

I’ve certainly become less judgmental of my appearance b/c I’ve edited the videos & looked @ me. Even listening to the voicemails I’ve left on my parents’ phone, I wasn’t convinced that’s what I sound like. Though when I’m excited about something, my voice conveys it. Sometimes I worry I don’t speak w/ enough infection & use monotone. I think it would be interesting to learn what others think about me, but I’m not sure if at the end of the day I’d truly want to know.

Honestly, I would love to sleep 8-9 hours every night, write in the mornings after I made my breakfast, eat a light lunch, & read in the afternoon & start making dinner. Then eat & watch a movie or take a walk or play a game. Of course have time for day trips & days @ a time for extended travel. That would be my ideal schedule. & to work in my garden if I have one. & in the afternoons I can work on other arts like painting, drawing, charcoal, & crochet & knitting. So I can be creative & adventurous every day!

What kind of Irish materials are you looking for, for your sister’s trip? There’s got to be stickers for Ireland. Sounds like your sister gets to do all kinds of cool things! Snowboarding & skiing is on my bucket list. Especially since I want to go to Finland someday & ski there, & of course ski on the Alps @ least once.

I’ve been eating more fish recently too. It’s a shame that only 2% is checked. I’ve been trying to eat fish once a week, w/ vegetarian & chicken meals the rest of the week. My sister knows someone who had arsenic poisoning from taking too many vitamin supplements, b/c even if they’re made in the US, the materials are not checked. Scary, huh? The doctor said he only gives his family Flintstones vitamins & Advil b/c they are checked. I’m relieved I’ve been taking Flintstone vitamins since I was a kid.

I’m glad you’re eating healthier & on your way to reaching your goals! I need to make exercising a better habit, like aerobic walks & yoga. I get the weights @ work.

I do write my dreams down in my journal. That is, if I can remember them or piece some of the images together. Mine have been fragments of old dreams & images I’ve never seen before, so it’s been fun to ask if I’ve seen it before or if it’s completely new. I like the puzzle & mystery of it. If I write down part of it & then go to work, sometimes I’ll remember more details throughout the day.

I haven’t read “Atlas Shrugged,” but I would like to read Ayn Rand someday. That is a great combo! I’ve been reading Sherman Alexie’s short stories & poems, but I’m going to start on George Saunders’ collections next. I finished a book I borrowed from Emy, & it was so nice to live in a fantasy world for a while b/c it has been so long since I’ve read a fantasy novel that wasn’t Harry Potter. I’ve also been reading Prairie Margins issues. There was a Limerick contest in 1979 & Isaac Asimov submitted an original limerick. He didn’t win, but it was included. Nate, one of the staff members this year & the webmaster next year, is trying to make e-books of them. I’ve been helping him w/ my Kindle, & I was wondering if you would check them out on your Nook, please. It’s funny how even w/o reading previous issues of PM that we’ve published similar content.

Golly, I’ve been reading a lot lately, which is great b/c when I was a kid I devoured books regularly. I don’t remember the two books I finished, but I’ve written it down somewhere. I finally read The Hunger Games Trilogy & was impressed w/ the pacing & world building. I saw the film 1st, which I rarely do, but the movie sucked me in enough to start reading. I finished the 3 books in 4 days, & actually read the 2nd & 3rd on the Kindle—the 1st books I’ve read completely on it. & I’ve owned the Kindle for over a year now! I’ve also been doing research for Charlotte, like Missouri & interpreting her dreams & how to recover from rape. I started reading Les Miserables, but I haven’t gotten very far. It’s the kind of book where I need to stop & ponder. I am also anxious for Matt Bell’s novel. I wasn’t able to attend his partial reading of it in Boston, but I did find a proof copy & got to read the 1st page. I made myself put it down b/c I know I would’ve stood there & finished it if I read any further. He’s working on his second novel. The beauty of reading a book is discovering more like it! I got a lot of books @ AWP, mostly lit mags & poetry collections, but on the 3rd day I purposely stopped & looked thru short story collections & novels to augment my fiction reading.

AWP in Boston was fun! Are you planning on going to Seattle next year? I would like to go w/ you & Aretha. It’s a great experience & there’s so much to do. This year I decided to live at the bookfair & not really focus on sessions like I did last year. But I did go to sessions about children’s e-books, teaching book arts, how to use video & audio, & how to learn to not hate your writing. Turns out I was on the right track for video & audio! & the e-books talked about interactive & enhanced e-books, which sparked some ideas I didn’t really have a form for. The book arts made me eager to dive into bookbinding, so Mary & I are going to Ann Arbor tomorrow to buy some supplies & get started. I’m so glad she took a summer course on it so I have a mentor. & I think it’s going to be an AWP tradition to attend a Richard Bausch panel. He told great jokes last year & he did again this year, featuring limericks. I got free stuff @ the bookfair & got subscriptions to Kenyon Review, One Story, & AGNI. It was so cool to tell Kenyon Review that they were the 1st lit mag I ever saw—b/c I was taking Spanish lit in High School that teamed up w/ Kenyon. We took a trip there & it was lying on the coffee table & I read one of the stories. But one of the best parts of the bookfair was meeting previous contributors of PM & having conversations w/ ppl at their tables & booths. One guy took book covers related to Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” & made a quilt! The mustaches at PM were a hit, & several tables had fortune cookies. Here are mine:

Wading knee-deep in muck, searching for a pen.

Every bridge gives the traveler two destinations, though one is always retreat.

You will finally find time to write but choose to watch TV.

& driving there was an adventure b/c it snowed/rain/snowed on repeat there & on the way back there was a detour around Cleveland. It took 6 hours to cross NY, but the scenery of the hills & mountains was so pretty. When we got to Boston, it took an hour to find our hotel b/c we landed across Charles River in Cambridge instead of Boston. So glad we were able to get help @ a hotel. & the 1st night we got lost & one of the natives gave us directions & walked w/ us. Around Harvard there were several bookstores but I didn’t get to stop in. getting lost always frustrates me b/c I get lost easily, but @ least it’s been practice for reading a map & getting unlost. One of the best parts was discovering that the convention center was connected to the mall’s food court so we didn’t have to go outside to eat! It was a fantastic mall.

My goal is to finish typing my novel before we have lunch on Sunday, so wish me luck! I can’t wait to see you!


P.S. I started reading the bio by Dittman. Definitely had an interesting life, Jack Kerouac, that’s for sure.

P.P.S. Cheeseboy was my favorite place to eat in Boston—gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches & tomato soup on the go. I still feel like a part of me is in Boston. I can only imagine going to Europe & being dragged screaming & kicking when it’s time to return to the States. Although I don’t want to lug 10 pounds of books around the city in the snow anytime soon. 😀

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A Letter from Suzy Anderson to Whitney Reinhard…

20 September 2012

Dear Whitney,

I’ve been ill lately, hence the reason it took so long to write. I’ve been to the doctor and the chiropractor (first time ever!) but I still don’t feel a 100%.

I will have to read “The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society” then, esp. since I love the epistolary form. Have you ever read “Dear Everybody” by Michael Kimball?

I recently finished a novel (“A True History of the Captivation, Transport to Strange Lands, and Deliverance of Hannah Guttentag”) by Josh Russell as part of my Dzanc internship. It was a quick read and an amazing journey through Hannah Guttentag’s life as a scholar, wife, and mother. Plus I think there is a great benefit to short chapters: the story feels like it is moving fast because the page numbers go by so quickly. Plus it’s an entertaining read. Laughed so much.

Actually I sealed your letter before I realized I forgot to tell you about the Dzanc internship, so that’s why I wrote it as a P.S. on the envelope. My reading assignments have been mostly submissions, and Josh Russell’s novel. I’m also proofreading e-books.

No, I haven’t read “Foe” by J.M. Coetzee. I think I would’ve fought Othello too, if I was Desdemona. Whenever I think about Romeo and Juliet, I would (if I was Juliet) write a letter to my parents saying I married Romeo and left after Nurse said to marry Paris.

Hobby Lobby is definitely one of those places I try to go to for something specific so I leave the store with the item in tow (and hopefully not much else!)

A duct tape festival sounds like great fun! I will have to start practicing.

My mini-vacation will be part birthday celebration part novel research. Since I’ve only driven through Missouri as part of the California trip, I want to explore Charlotte’s hometown of Columbia more thoroughly, particularly art museums and parks. Plus, she drove from Cincinnati, Ohio, to San Diego, California, so I’ll be able to see what it was like for her to drive so far. And then I can visit my family in Cincy and go to the Ohio Renaissance Festival. I love going and went a lot as a kid. It’s been two years since I’ve gone. If you go, definitely check out the Mudde Show. They retell Beowulf and Dante’s Inferno. And they splash mud. It’s pretty awesome and you should check it out when you get a chance.

I also want to go to England! Perhaps we can both save up and go together. The pictures on Facebook look for from your marathons. Congrats on keeping it up! Kudos to you.

I still think of Larissa’s class when I see honey. What a great class! I still remember the day she brought in the skeleton.

It’s a shame The Stately Raven closed. What bookstores should we visit?


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A letter from Suzy Anderson to Whitney Reinhard–

2 February 2012

Dear Whitney,

I’ve never been to the Bookshelf II. I will have to check it out since I love going to different bookstores to see what they have.

I feel the same way–“I love it there [BG]. I just think I need a taste of ‘the real world.'” I hope I can survive this semester too! Really sorry it took so long for me to write back.

Perfectionism has been running through my mind for a while. What does it mean to pursue perfection? Why do I try so hard to be perfect? Is it possible to no longer be a perfectionist? Are perfectionists made or created? Several of my short stories deal with perfectionism in some way, so it might make a collection some day.

“You can tell a lot by peoples’ hands” is so true! I know after injuring my right hand freshman year I am more careful with my hands. I know I’ll be devastated without them–probably wouldn’t be able to turn book pages, crochet, knit, type, play piano, or write by hand otherwise.

I hope you had a great visit with your sister. It’s nice to see people you haven’t seen in a while. Before the semester started I visited my sister, aunts, uncles, cousins, brother, and nephews in Cincinnati. I hadn’t seen them in so long! And I gave my grandmother the afghan I’ve been working on for years. It was the right shade of blue.

I’m glad one of your favorite things to do is read! I have so many books on my to-read list and it keeps growing! Hopefully more books will come to join the others on the list. At least I’ll never be out of reading material! 🙂

I have three older half siblings and two younger siblings. Even though we come from the same gene pool, we are all very different people. I’m the only one who is studying “art” (because writing is an art) but all of them have creative pursuits like music and poetry or handicrafts. I think God does have a sense of humor for a lot of the situations and lives we have. Life should be entertaining or we’ll just trudge along waiting for it to end.

NaNo pushes me as a writer too. I’m glad I participated last year even though I wasn’t sure I could do NaNo and school and work and everything else. I’m glad I reached 50 thousand words. It is always such an accomplishment.

That’s great that your characters surprised you! One of my favorite parts of the writing process is making discoveries along the way.

I didn’t realize Paul would be so important in the novel and that his cousin Tiffany would be such a trouble maker and crucial to the plot.

Charlotte has surprised me from day one. She still hasn’t revealed all of her secrets, but then again we all keep secrets. The biggest surprise from Charlotte though would be that she no longer starts the fire, which pretty much cuts Dan out of the story and the mental hospital. I need to go back and make revisions.

I don’t have a single list of books I would recommend to others, but I should make a complete list. Here’s mine, also in no particular order. Some are plays.

1. Room-Emma Donoghue

2. Lolita-Vladimir Nabokov

3. In the Lake of the Woods-Tim O’Brien

4. On Writing-Stephen King

5. Persuasion-Jane Austen

6. Glass Castle-Jeannette Wall

7. Shade’s Children-Garth Nix

8. The Tao of Pooh-Benjamin Hoff

9. Sir Stalwart-Dave Duncan

10. Harry Potter series-J.K. Rowling

11. Fall of a Kingdom-Hilari Bell

12. Lord of the Rings-J.R.R. Tolkien

13. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close-Jonathan Safran Foer

14. Persepolis-Marjane Satrapi

15. Much Ado About Nothing-Shakespeare

16. The Dark Glory War-Michael A. Stackpole

17. Kindred-Octavia Butler

18. Winesburg, Ohio-Sherwood Anderson

19. Cane-Jean Toomer

20. Tartuffe-Moliere

There’ll be more in the postscript. Some of my favorite films:

Red Eye

Alex & Emma


Beauty and the Beast

A Knight’s Tale


Good choices on your holiday films! My family listens to the Nutcracker Suite and Christmas carols. We try to have a meal together for the holiday and give gifts.

I think I’ll have the same reaction at my thesis reading. Oh Faulkner. 🙂

My holiday was good and I hope yours was too! I’ll let you know when my thesis reading is. My thesis is starting to come together, poetry and fiction-wise.

It was fantastic to be greeted by two letters! I hope your back gets better. Injuries are never much fun.

Did you read and write while you were under house arrest? There are benefits to being a recluse. I like being around people too much to be a total recluse. Wouldn’t mind living in a log cabin and having a garden, though.

I also saw the Egyptian Exhibit! They had several details on scribes, which fascinated me, and the recording of what people would tell the gods as a negative confession was so intriguing I wrote about it. I love doing ekphrasis (art in response to art) whenever I go to museums. I went back to the art museum not too long ago and garnered more material.

I collect Shakespeare’s collected works. My Dad gave me a 2-volume set when I was a kid, I got his complete works (poetry included) for Christmas one year, and this past year I got my grandfather’s copy of the plays with his annotations. I read Macbeth in high school and also loved it–especially since lyrics are taken from it for one of the songs in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban film score.

I’m glad you enjoyed “The Young Man with the Carnation.” I also worry about superficiality in my writing. I much prefer writing from the truth and emotions.

Matt’s book is on my list to read. I also was happy when he read at Prout.

Good luck with your short story! I hope to hear more about it.

My semester is going well, busy as usual. I’m taking fewer classes, which helps. It’s hard to think about what’s going to happen after graduation, but I’ve decided to not worry about it and take each day one at a time. I’m spending more time writing and gathering material, so the habit of writing every day is still going well. I’m trying to add the habit of reading at least one short story a day, but it’s a work in progress.

What are your goals for this year?



21. As I Lay Dying-William Faulkner

22. The Write Type-Karen E. Peterson

23. Brave New World-Aldous Huxley

24. A Wrinkle in Time-Madeleine L’Engle

25. If I Stay-Gayle Forman

26. Echo-Kate Morgenroth

27. Sold-Patricia McCormick

28. Catalyst-Laurie Halse Anderson

29. Dealing with Dragons-Patricia C. Wrede

30. A Void-Georges Perec

31. Dear Everybody-Michael Kimball

32. Pride and Prejudice-Jane Austen

33. Great Gatsby-F. Scott Fitzgerald

34. Kafka was the Rage-Anatole Broyard

35. Le Morte D-Arthur-Sir Thomas Malory

36. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn-Mark Twain

37. The Canterbury Tales-Geoffrey Chaucer

38. Birds of America-Lorrie Moore

39. Dracula-Bram Stoker

40. Bear and his Daughter-Robert Stone

41. Nine Stories-J.D. Salinger

42. Carmilla-Sheridan le Fanu

43. The Vampyre-John Polidori



May 21, 2013

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Click on the link to read Whitney’s letter to Suzy:   From_Whitney_4-1-13[1]

March 28, 2013

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Pegasus Paper Doll, by Whitney Reinhard.

Pegasus Paper Doll, by Whitney Reinhard.

Letter from Whitney Reinhard. page 1

Letter from Whitney Reinhard. page 1


Letter from Whitney Reinhard, page 2

Letter from Whitney Reinhard, page 2

March 5, 2013

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Letter from Whitney Reinhard

Letter from Whitney Reinhard

February 27, 2013

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Click on the link to read Suzy’s letter to Whitney:  To_Whitney_1-3-13

November 20, 2012

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Click on the link below to see the letter from Whitney Reinhard to Suzy Anderson about writing, sunsets, and the election…


November 11, 2012

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Letter from Suzy Anderson to Whitney Reinhard.  Click on this link to read:   Whitney_letter_102912_final

November 3, 2012

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From Whitney Reinhard, Ohio, USA


PS, from Whitney Reinhard, Ohio, USA

October 20, 2012

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27 September 2012

 Dear Whitney,

I’ve been having vertigo spells and a constant headache. About two weeks ago I went to the doctor and she gave me some sinus medication and had my ears cleaned. It helped but has not completely solved the issue. I went to the chiropractor on several occasions. She has made progress on getting my neck muscles to relax. Also, it has helped but I am still having vertigo and headaches. The vertigo usually happens when I’m in the freezer or on top of ladders. A pretty dangerous situation! I’ve had vertigo before. Two years ago when I came back from Canada and had mastoiditis (untreated ear infection that drains into the mastoid bone) and had vertigo for four weeks. Elevators, stairs, and exiting vehicles were not fun. My brother-in-law also had we had mastoiditis but he had a high fever. The doc said we had an unknown virus and it was best to rest. Since then I’ve only had one bacterial infection and the rest have been viruses. I’ve also had bronchitis for the first time in that time frame. I’m not sure what’s going on, but I am going to go to another doctor.

I am well enough to go to the bookstores. I would have to be on my deathbed to refuse! Lol.

You are more than welcome to borrow my copy of “Dear Everybody.” I bought it a few months after the reading. Actually, I borrowed Zach Tarvin’s copy and decided to purchase my own.

I have not dressed up for a Renaissance festival, but I’ve always wanted to. I always take paper and writing utensils. One time an employee said I was a journalist. I explained that I was a writer conducting research for a novel. I would like to sew an outfit I made based on one of my fantasy novels and wear it with a bow and arrows I also made. I’ve already researched instructions and materials. I had a brief introduction with archery in Girl Scouts and loved it.

I can drive to Fostoria and meet you at one of the bookstores if you like. We can go to the other one, then the one in Findlay, and then go to my apartment to make gumbo and cookies. I am free all day, so what time should we start? It will take about an hour to cut everything for the gumbo. We could even nab lunch sometime between bookstores. Need fuel to browse books anyway.

Will you look for another job then? I just got another part-time job in Perrysburg.

I am planning to go to AWP. I’ve never been to Boston before and I can’t wait to go? Are you going?

I don’t miss summer. The heat always bothers me. Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. I’ll be in Missouri for about two days. That’s a fantastic dream! I would also like to live in different places. Europe would be on my list too. Kind of like Kerouac traveling on the road. Regardless of where I live, I want to travel often. I also considered England for grad school, like Oxford. But their program is low residency. But it explores all of the forms (poetry, fiction, novel, film, plays, etc.) the first year and then you specialize the second year. I am still going to take time off from grad school. I want to build my portfolio too. And one of my biggest goals is to get a novel published before I’m 30.

I think I like pumpkin so much because I was born in October. Have you tried my pumpkin bread? I prefer the aroma of coffee to drinking it.

I was going through old bookmarks and I found these Dr. Seuss quotes. Hope you like them!


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Letter from Whitney Reinhard to Suzy Anderson, page 1


Letter from Whitney Reinhard to Suzy Anderson, page 2

September 23, 2012

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Letter from Whitney Reinhard to Suzy Anderson


Letter from Whitney Reinhard to Suzy Anderson (back)

September 22, 2012

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August 27, 2012

Dear Whitney,

Thank you! Congrats on finishing the first revision of your short story. I would love to read it. Feel free to send it either way, mail or email. Definitely let the story sit for a bit before going back to it. I’m still working on the short story I told you about earlier this summer.

Well, the nice thing about writing my novel by hand was the portability. I could slip the notebook into my purse and write as I waited for new tires to be put on my car. I didn’t write the entire draft in a month, which in November I bet my hand will be in a permanent claw formation. Because it’s in journal entries, I would write 2 or 3 a day, and only one day I wrote 11 entries. Truly inspired that day! Even though I can type 77 words per minute, I find that writing by hand lets me connect with Charlotte because she’s writing by hand. The sketchbook I’m using is 6’’x 6’’, a square orange. The blank pages have let me be free in HOW LARGE I write or very small, or even if I want to draw or sketch, just like Charlotte would. It would be neat when it’s published to be that size and have a font that looks like handwriting. I did figure out how she signs her name:

Charlotte Lynelle Peterson

Which helped me get a further personality sketch. She writes slower to make sure her handwriting is legible and draws out the “t” in Peterson (and I don’t). My hand will probably cramp up from typing the novel! Oh goodness, I can’t wait to hear your reactions to her adventures. Lol.

We had two pairs of identical twins in my school and a pair of fraternal twins (so easy to tell them apart), but I never could get the identical ones straight, even when one of them was in one of my group projects.

My summer reading list definitely overshadowed “On the Road.” I would like to read the same biographies that you read first. Then we could read the novel and check out his letters. I have read his book of haikus and you should check it out because it’s awesome. Lot of cats.

I’ve read “The Kite Runner” in high school. It was one of my favorite books we read that year. Have you ever read “In the Lake of the Woods” by Tim O’Brien? He does a great job with footnotes in the novel. Oh, Othello, thine heart was born so pure, only to crackle into ash. Poor Desdemona. Lol about scribings.

Thank you about my energy astounding you. I was so surprised myself to look back and see that I did so much in one day. One reason I keep a notebook of what I worked on is so that I can visually see how much writing/reading I am doing. Keeps me honest. Yep, what works for one writer isn’t perfectly transferred to another. Plus journaling is part of “The Artist’s Way” where they like the students to write a minimum of 3 pages a day and have an artist date once a week (like an activity to do with your inner child). It’s helping me realize how much I loved art classes in school and how I want to continue making art and writing. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought watercolor paper, scrapbook paper, and pendants to learn how to make necklaces and bracelets. Definitely a dangerous store for me!

It’s great that you can run 5k’s with your Dad. My Dad and I would go for walks around grocery stores so he could exercise and we would have time to talk. So it’s kinda funny that I work in a grocery store now!

It’s amazing how cruel kids can be. I agree that “it’s what we do after the teasing stops that’s important.” Whitney, you became a running machine who does 5k’s and is clearly beautiful. You should see that whenever you look into a mirror. You are a great writer who is published and will only get better. Thank you for the encouragement.

I hope your teacher writes back too. I would like to get in touch with my English teacher Miss Gorsuch. I had her for both AP English lit and language. We had lunch after I finished my freshman year at BG, but I haven’t spoken to her since.

I wish I was relaxing on a beach! A baby-pool filled with sand would be a great idea in the apartment, though from experience I know sand gets everywhere. I’ll settle for bath salts and a mini-vacation in September.

I’m glad the mail lady loved the trampoline and stick figure! It was totally inspired by your last letter. What a character!

Have you ever made anything with duct tape? I’ve been wanting to learn how to make roses and whatnot.


P.S. I’m so glad “Holy Roller” found a home. Such a great poem and memories of Larissa’s class that semester.

P.P.S. I got accepted at Dzanc Books as an editorial intern. Loving the reading assignments so far.

An artsy version of Suzy’s letter can be seen here:  Letter_to_Whitney_Aug_27_2012

September 1, 2012

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From Whitney Reinhard to Theresa Williams. Open: Front and back cover. Small letter in the format of a book.

Whitney’s letter-book, page 1

Whitney’s letter-book, page 2-3

Whitney’s letter-book, pages 4-5

August 28, 2012

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Two letters from Whitney Reinhard to Suzy Anderson.  These are pdf documents.  You must click on the links to view them:



August 26, 2012

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An artsy pdf version of Suzy’s letter can be read by clicking here:  Letter_to_Whitney_Aug_16_2012

16 August 2012

Dear Whitney,

I always love the paper you use for your letters so I created my own design for this one. I haven’t used crayons in forever, so I bought some when they were on sale. Yeah for discounts when it’s time to return to school!

The Batman movie was good—I shed some tears and I love watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt act. I agree that Joker is the scarier villian. I was more surprised at Miranda Tate’s character and what that added to the plot.

I thought of three women walking after I saw the finished finger painting. I love what comes out when I paint and don’t force a vision of my art. So many wonderful surprises!

Watching the Olympics was fun at breaks between work and before I went in. I don’t have cable, but I completely forgot to watch clips on the internet. Building a fort sounds like fun! The Olympics are quite fun for me to watch, esp. the sports I’ve never heard of like canoe sprint, beach volleyball and gymnastics-artistic.

I didn’t know you ran 5k’s! That’s pretty awesome, Whitney! That sounds like a great habit, submitting once a month. Research does take a lot of time, but I find cool pieces and artists/writers I want to keep track of and read/see more of their work. Congratulations on getting “Holy Roller” accepted for publication!

After I finish this novel draft, I want to type it (since I wrote it by hand) and then organize it b/c I wrote it out of order. When I’m more satisfied with that draft, I’ll have close friends (yes, you!) and writing buddies look it over b4 I send it out to agents/editors. I do feel like it’s becoming more complete, esp. since this is round 3. Charlotte’s story makes more sense to me since I’ve tried to tell her story in different ways. Now that I’ve found the form that best displays her story, I know, for me at least, her story is more effective.

His reaction still makes me laugh. Oh, if only I had said “octuplets.” It would’ve been so much fun to say that, esp. after “Octo-Mom.” My mom is an identical twin and multiples run in the family on her side, usu. skipping generations. Who knows, I might have twins someday!

I bought Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road,” the original scroll version and I was wondering if you read it or the edited version.

Robert’s rules were funny and helpful. Some of them don’t work for me like “Rule 1: Burn your Journal” because I’m taking the Artist’s Way course, which requires 3 pgs in a journal daily. I’ve found that it helps me to see and share my life on the pg and work thru my thoughts and emotions. It hasn’t detracted from my writing—on Tuesday I finished a book, read some poems, watched a movie, worked on my blog and Prairie Margins, edited a cover letter, and organized all of my short story ideas into groups (and wrote in my journal). It was a very productive writing/editing day. Now I can really cook along on my short stories and type up poems for my latest poetry project involving motherhood, mother-daughter relationships, and vegetables and fruit. These rules have worked for Robert, but every writer is different.

I have pen pals (Rule 2: Get a Pen Pal)—you, Theresa, and Mary. Rule 3: Throw out your thesaurus has helped me. I don’t even use it in Word when I type. I find other ways to describe things, more in line with what I have to say. Rule 9: Lose the Muse—I work on writing every day, regardless if I’m in the “inspirational” mood or not. Something always comes out that I didn’t expect or plan, which is a good thing. I don’t have to control every aspect. I’ve stopped my habit (which was still in the process of being a habit) of reading a poem and short story every day (Rule 14: Stop Reading) because I had trouble focusing on writing my own poems and short stories. I’ll read when I need to read and write when I need to write. Rule 16: Write what you read. I’ve mostly read fantasy, sci-fi, and historical fiction, so I should probably focus on writing those instead of literary fiction, which I feel like I’m still in grade school learning-wise. There are a lot of great rules I also adhere to, which besides the humor, is one reason why I loved this book and wanted to share it with you.


August 20, 2012

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From Suzy Anderson to Whitney Reinhard

From Suzy Anderson to Whitney Reinhard

30 July 2012

Dear Whitney,

I’m so glad I’m not the only one who stops reading a book or short story. Some stories are supposed to make the reader uncomfortable, like Humbert Humbert in “Lolita.” I just ask that delicate subjects, really any subject, is treated with respect.

Actually I have not read “Catch-22.” Don’t worry about not having set a time for our gumbo dinner. I was out of town last week for my high school friend’s wedding. Visited my parents—we saw the last Batman movie. Have you seen it yet? What did you think? I understand the short notice for your schedule. I only get mine a week in advance, so I get it every Friday. It’s nice to get used to not planning far ahead, but it is also frustrating for the same reason. I usually have Thursdays off, so maybe we can pick a Thursday.

The movie “Brave” is amazing! They did a great job. Haven’t seen “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” After taking an honors seminar on vampire literature, I’m more aware of the current/new vampire trends, like “Tru Blood” with the Sookie Stackhouse series. But more importantly, the course focused on the classics like “Dracula,” “The Vampyre,” and “Carmilla.”

Good job on finishing a short story! I wish you luck on your submission. 🙂 I’m, working on my novel—almost finished with the third draft. When I was in Columbus I went to the Barnes & Noble and found a book to further the research for my novel—“What to Expect When You’re Expecting”—because Charlotte is pregnant for the novel’s duration. And it was funny to get the cashier’s reaction—“I hope this is for a friend.” I said “Sure,” even though I should’ve said “I’m a writer and I’m conducting research for a novel.” The book has helped me generate more material for the novel.

Congratulations on placing your poem in “Crack the Spine!” I can’t wait to read it. I have not been sending out very many submissions. I hope to do so soon. I’ve been rearranging my workspace and trying to put my art supplies and writing materials in easy-to-access places. Poetry is mostly what I have sent out. Touching up my fiction takes so long compared to my poems. My summer is going well, and I hope yours is too! Yep, enjoy the book!



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